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"Since training with Matty I have achieved goals which I never thought possible.  Through individually tailored programming, with continual support and encouragement, I have made huge improvements in a very short period of time.  Matty not only focuses on the running aspect, but nutrition, mobility and overall wellbeing.  He is a wealth of information and his experience is second to none.  Fantastic trainer with a fantastic approach. "

"I signed up with DBA Runners online coaching approximately 6 months ago so that I could get myself ready for The North Face 100km. Thanks to Matty’s challenging and flexible program, I ran 4hrs faster than my previous attempt which was an outstanding achievement. The support I have received from both Matty and the DBA Runners crew has been nothing short of exceptional from day one. I have not only improved my running ability beyond expectations, but have made some lifelong friends thanks to the community environment that Matty has created with DBA Runners. If you have goal  in mind then Matty Abel is you're man! "

"The North Face 100 was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. All of Matty’s clients who competed in the North Face 100 realised their goals. It’s a testament to Matty’s hard work and commitment to provide personalised training programs that work for the individual. For me, my training program was spot on! When I needed a rest, there was a down week, my biggest back to back runs fell on a long weekend, I experienced a calf niggle during final taper and was able to negotiate a change to the program without a big impact. I felt as though Matty had known me for years and created the perfect program for me and my goal. There is NO DOUBT I couldn’t have achieved this without Matty and DBA Runners.

It was a real honour to work with Matty he is an exceptional coach and has most certainly found his calling. I am sold on DBA Runners and have re-signed on to complete the Yurrebilla Ultra Marathon in Adelaide’s foothills, September 2014."


Brought to you by Matty Abel, DBA runners is a running coaching service, which launched in 2013 on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We offer running coaching, strength and conditioning for runners, online coaching, running camps, online coaching and social running groups.

After being in the fitness industry since 2008 and competing as a professional ultra-marathon athlete since 2012, Matty wanted to bring a one stop shop, combining fitness, running and lifestyle to create a phenomenal community of like-minded people.


Whether it is running, strength & conditioning, online training or even overseas retreats, DBA can cater for you no matter what fitness level you are on.



Running Coaching

JOIN US TODAY: mattyabel@dbarunners.com


There are no secrets or shortcuts to a better you, but there is a better way to get there.




Group Runs

We have a wide range of group training available that suits anyone's fitness level.

Monthly Trail

We have scheduled monthly trail runs in different terrains where there are large ascents and decents.

Running takes its toll on the body and strength and conditioning is the best way to ensure longevity. At DBA Runners we strongly believe strength and conditioning will improve not only your running but also how you feel. Check out our blog for more information on Strength and Conditioning HERE.

Running Coaching is our speciality, throughout these sessions we go through video analyses, body movement patterns, muscular imbalances. From here we can prescribe what is needed to become an efficient runner.

Strength and Conditioning

Our online coaching service is one of our most popular training programs. Each program is written on a weekly basis to your lifestyle and upcoming race. We use the Training Peaks Platform to track and analyze all your training data to ensure you are heading in the right direction. Local and distant programs available. 
Feel free to contact us for more information on online coaching.


Online Coaching



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Online Coaching


Our specialty is Online Coaching. We tailor make our programs to your lifestyle, current fitness and racing goals.




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