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Preparing For Your First Trail Race
By Matty Abel, Training, 8 October 2016
You’re making the move from road running to trail running and with trail running fast becoming a popular sport, we don’t blame you! Not only is trail running better for your joints and muscles, it’s also better for the brain. With anything from 5km races through to multi-stage events, there is an option for everyone. Some run to test their physical and...


Pace Run Club 6-9-2016
By Matty Abel, Running, 7 September 2016
Tough set tonight with the main aim to encourage runners to continue their effort once they have reached the top, most runners stop once they have reached the top and rest during the training. However, this isn't generally the case during a rage. Easy W/U from pace athletic to Snake Hill via Manly Beach. Regathering at the bottom of the Snake Hill. 20 minutes with...
Pace Run Club 20-9-2016
By Matty Abel, Running, 20 September 2016
Great session and starting to see the group grow. Around 38 legends came tonight with loads of new runners. Loving the feel of the group as it grows into summer. Easy W/U from pace athletic to Snake Hill via Manly Beach. Regathering at the bottom of snake hill. 25 minute continuous tempo effort on snake hill. Last 5 minutes harder then the...
Pace Run Club 13-9-2016
By Matty Abel, Running, 13 September 2016
Great turn out and effort from everyone who attended. Really looking forward to day light savings to kick in, so we can explore some more trails around North Head and change up the training a little from Snake Hill. Easy W/U from pace athletic to Snake Hill via Manly Beach. Regathering at the bottom of snake hill. 20 minutes with effort at...

15 Easy to follow steps on becoming a healthier runner and person: A physiotherapist perspective by Daniel Piggott
By Daniel Piggott, Training, 19 November 2016

With your 2017 UTA event fast approaching and your training beginning or increasing, it is now more important than ever to take care of your body – for running and for life. Here’s your 16 step easy to follow guide to improve your wellbeing and decrease the...

The 6 Most common running fallacies by Daniel Piggott
By Daniel Piggott, Running, 21 November 2016

In an age where access to information via in the internet is as easy as ever, the amount of incorrect or misleading information is every increasing. With this, myths and misconceptions about running and injuries are created. The reality is that many runners will succumb to injury at some point and how do we differentiate the facts from the...
Stair Training For UTA In Sydney
By Tim Locke, Training, 7 April 2017

With only a handful of weeks until Ultra Trail Australia kicks off, many of you will be building into peak training load. You've spent weekends on course in the beautiful Blue Mountains, run your local neighborhood streets and trails countless times, and spent many hours running up and down anything that resembles a positive grade. But where...

The Importance of Training and Racing Smarter
By Tim Locke, Training, 12 May 2017

Thebasis of any training program should be grounded in the fact that training intensities should always be determined by present day fitness. It is all too easy to get caught up in the world of elite and professional running, often where high mileage and intensity is commonplace. It's so easy to log onto Instagram and see images and videos of other...

My UTA 100 Experience

By Zali Steggall, Running, 07 June 2017

Life for me for as long as I remember has been about setting goals and doing my best to achieve them. Some have been big, some small, some in the sporting arena, some personal and some professional but no matter what the goal has been, I have never been afraid to give it a go.  I always think what is the worst that can happen?...

UTA Race Report

By Karen Lyle, Running, 07 June 2017

Heavy rain and fog was what greeted me as I walked out of my hotel room on race day. ‘Dammit’ I thought, this event has produced the most perfect of days for the last 9 years, why did it have to rain this year??  ‘Dammit, dammit, dammit!  My next thought then turned to ‘suck it up sister, there is nothing you can do about it, no point wasting energy on...